When people refer to the story of Kelsey’s life and the roots of her family tree; it is said it reads much more like a fictional story than a biography. As an open book she speaks from her heart to share stories that testify; though life is hard there is always hope because God is real, good and faithful.

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There is always HOPE.
Be challenged to surrender and inspired to trust the process of transformation through a transparent story of becoming malleable. Kelsey shares how the scars and struggles from childhood into adulthood became the foundation of understanding who she was, and who God is. From abandonment, addictions, disease, messy years in a marriage of 20+ years, parenting 6 strong kids and building a thriving business; the sacred space of transformation in the potter’s hand is revealed. 



Kelsey was an only child.
Days before she was preparing to deliver her first child she learned for the fist time that the 5 siblings she could have called brother and or sister were all aborted.
She was the one and only who was given a chance for life.
Chosen. Pro- life. Redemption. 



Movement that transforms starts from the inside out.
The deeper, smaller, slower and smarter ways to grow strong and stand tall.
The intention of connection rather than weight loss…. an awareness of energy rather than ego …. an alignment of mind, body and spirit with grace rather than the grind of the race.
From mirrors, false messages and destructive mindsets discover an empowering message of freedom in movement that heals for a lifestyle of HEALth and wellness.



The lie of stuff.
Feel challenged and empowered to live pure and simple in a “less is more” reality. Hear how homelessness, jail, and death from the eyes of a child were the raw materials of finding contentment in life’s simple pleasures and how you can too.  

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