About Kelsey

Wellness extraordinaire, visionary, healer, wife, mom of 6, and entrepreneur; endless energy and unordinary.

A guide to empower and inspire others through their personally unique HEALth journey with movement, mindsets and methods that transform trends to a lifestyle of optimal health and performance. With over 10,000 hours in the fitness industry, nearly 25 years of empowering others to accomplish their fitness, health and lifestyle goals , and 7 years as a boutique fitness studio owner; Kelsey covers all areas of understanding the mind, body and spirit to unleash the greater power from within.


Kelsey has been through it, lives it and teaches it. She exemplifies and exudes the healthy living she teaches as she shares the message of inner healing from her
deep and personal experiences with autoimmune disease, trauma and pain. Her work has transformed hundreds of men and women’s lives through movement, mindsets and methods which connect therapeutic exercise and athletic conditioning for all levels, ages and stages of life. 


Kelsey’s boutique fitness studio “Roots 66 Fit” in Flagstaff AZ, is where she currently serves her community of men and women alike in their own Transformational Lifestyle Wellness journey. She is known for her vibrant energy, master level instruction and healing touch. 

Real Purpose & Real Life

I’m obsessed with all things real, raw and resolved: sunshine, water, the body, powerful people, and the divine God! Allergic to ordinary; addicted to extraordinary.


Faith is the foundation of all that grows. Where all life begins and ends This is our peace, power and purpose! Girl, if it’s first things first; Faith is it! Faith moves mountains and you.


Yes I really birthed 6 living humans! I’m one of those lovely crazy ones who love to be pregnant, go 100% Natural -No. Nada, nothing but breathing, believing and being in the beautiful moment and have home briths- it’s all very addicting can you tell? If that isnt enough to prove I’m a little on the abnormal side At one time we had over 40 mouths to feed at morning and night between the kids, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, pig and oh yeah ME!


Movement heals. My journey began as a teen. When I lost my mom at 16, running and movement became a place where I learned to process my pain and heal the roots of insecurity, identity and isolation. Movement became the language where I learned ME…. my mind + body + soul.


A hot sunny day, on the water skiing or paddle boarding, is pure bliss! It always brings a smile to my face and a sparkle in my eye! Otherwise, it’s anything and anywhere I can create a sacred moment of movement, reading, reflecting, and reconnecting to the deeper sense of me. Oh yeah, music and dancing are always a favorite for me!


Yes I usually wake up way too “ready” for most! Yet, I still like to jump start my day with meditative prayer & reading, a bulletproof coffee, lululemon with UGS and a “whatever it takes” attitude. I love solitude and simplicity as much as I seek efficiency.


I love the order of minimalism and the reality of maximization- maximizing my time, efforts, impact, and influence with simple and smart systems and solutions. I am contemplative rather than impulsive, prefer simple over complex and would rather meditate and manifest than shop and stress. Balance is my goal in the glow of fluidity, flexibility and function.

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