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Transform THIS DAY. FORM Your Life.

Movement + Mindset + Methods
That Make It Possible
Sedona, Arizona
Sept 14-17, 2023

What a difference a day makes!

The Gift of Possibility

Envision a retreat that changes how you live every day and transforms your life over a lifetime.

The Gift of HEALth that Heals

Because Life is a Journey and so is your HEALING

You need a Wellness Retreat that shifts how you see life so you can
experience it deeperGain Practical tools to appreciate the process. 

A Wellness Retreat that creates a sacred space for you to escape the race.

Are you craving the transformational experience that changes how you feel, respond and prioritze self care each day so you can live ageless over a lifetime?

With a Faith centered focus you will feel empowered to take the parts of your life to an integrated blissful Wholeness.

This Day I will live…..

Physically Strong

Spiritually Connected

Mentally Centered

Emotionally Grounded

Wholly Healed

I Choose THIS DAY..

Our Courses

Explore our course options and discover the potential of life working FOR you; not against you.

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Movement that HEALS….

…your mind, body and soul.

Morning and evening Pilates, ROOTED FAITH Yoga, stretching, mindful movement mantras. 

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Mindsets that RENEW...


  • Self awareness practices that AWAKEN the inner world or your mind and body.
  • Discover Divine embodiment tools and techniques to live in your powerful purposed presence, self-led energy identity, and the authentic essence you have in every part of your landscaped life.
  • Mediations and guided practices that nourish self-care, compassion, resiliency, embodiment and healing.
  • Communication connections to foster deeper healing conversations with yourself and others.
  • Learn how to listen and talk to yourself to manifest your outward beauty from your inward strength.
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Methods that TRANSFORM...
Practical Tools to TRANSFORM your Life
  • Body work- Cranial Sacral, fascial release, lymph drainage
  • Nutrition that heals by feeding your soul and fueling your body and re-energizing your mind! Learn how to properly cleanse and detox to support your metabolism, weight, hormones and more. PLEASE NOTE* No Alcohol.
  • Holistic Medicine + Healing Modalities. Learn how to detox, heal and support the longevity plan for health and wellness. These include:
    • acupuncture, body work, essential oils/ trauma release, tapping, foot bath detox, Infrared light therapy, sound healing and more.
  • Coaching strategies that create systems + schedules that put your mental, emotional and spiritual health at the forefront of your day.

What you can expect

Tools for your transformation

Each day, we will...
connect the stories of our past
clarify our purpose for our future
change how we live each day.

Align your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical training techniques and tools with higher intentions and greater integrations of your belief systems and values.


Awaken your Eternal Presence with your Everyday Purpose.


Activate your best life. Change This Day, Transform your Life!

Live Authentically True to who you are and what you believe.
Woman in desert

See yourself here.

When someone asks,
"How are you?"

What do you really want to say?

Are you holding back feelings of burnout, imposter syndrome, being worn out, and yearning for more?
This retreat is for you!

Together, we will align your mind, body and soul.

Wellness for YOUR mind, body and soul.
Learn it here… so you can LIVE it there Live each day WELL…



Self Lead Leadership


Mindfulness + Meditation

Scripture Breathing

Mind-body science

Wisdom traditions


Healing Past and Present Traumas, limiting beliefs, default patterns.

Embodiment & Soma integrations

Journaling + Quiet times + walks

Emotional Freedom with Oils

Contemplative + Centering Prayer


Yoga, Pilates, Hiking

Healing bodywork + massage

Organic Skincare


Healing Nutrition

Detox Therapies

EFT - tapping

Retreat Speakers

Our team includes some of the best corporate coaches, healers and doctors in the world!

Kelsey Mercer Headshot

Kelsey Mercer

With nearly 25 years in the fitness industry, 10,000+ hours of training, education and experience, she is a Master in Pilates, Yoga, Wellness and Healing. Kelsey restores the HEAL in HEALth by Reforming the movement, Transforming the mind and Restoring the body through spiritual health as well as physical healing.

Kelsey’s mission is alive and stronger than ever… “Change the world through Health that HEALS the body, mind, body and spirit with transformational lifestyle wellness.

Based on the foundation of extensive education, hands on experience and a personal journey, Kelsey works with all levels of fitness, injuries, ages and stages of lifestyle which keeps her clients looking, feeling and living their best lives ever by getting to the root of real health and healing that transforms how we live everyday.

Find Kelsey online at

Sarica Cernohous Portrait

Sarica Cernohous

Dr. Sarica Cernohous is a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, using Japanese-style methods, LED light therapy, SCENAR therapy, Plasm Pen cosmetic therapy, S-Drive Epigenetic reporting and analysis, nutritional coaching and herbal medicine in her private practice.

She is author of the important and practical application of traditional food preparation techniques, The Funky Kitchen, and its accompanying online course, “Fresh, Fun and Flavorful in The Funky Kitchen”, and coach for Metabolic Balance of Germany.

Sarica is an active board member and secretary for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), a chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation for many years, and is the Northern Arizona Captain for Make Americans Free Again, an international organization committed to protecting health liberty.

She lives with her husband and children in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Stacie Speaker Portrait

Stacie Speaker

Stacie Speaker, CPC, PCC, an iPEC graduate, and master practitioner of the ELI, as your Trusted Advisor and Coach will take you on a journey of this exploration to understand what level of energy you live your life in.

Excited by the possibility of upleveling these areas of your life? 

The ELI is a one-of-a-kind assessment —coupled with a debrief with me, Stacie—will help you explore what blocks and diminishes your energy, so you can shift it and begin taking steps toward creating the ideal life you envision.

We all have extraordinary untapped potential. I will help you learn how to use your energy powerfully and productively in line with your purpose.

Vicki Werner

Vicki Werner

Vicki Werner is an author, intuitive mentor, emotional healing support coach, essential oil specialist, and past life regression practitioner.

After a near-death experience in 2012, she endured years of physical and emotional healing. She delved deep into the cause of dis-ease; studying multiple healing techniques to release negative emotions and support the recovery of the physical body.

Vicki combines ancient wisdom and modern science in teaching a broad spectrum of topics. Vicki’s book, “The Secret to Healing and Recovery” has received great praise and is beneficial for anyone on a healing journey and caregivers alike. Her book is available through Health and Longevity, on Amazon, and at

What's Included

Stay amongst the powerfully majestic red rocks in a beautiful, high-end getaway.

Experience everything a resort can offer in the quant and personalized experience of an elite wellness executive retreat.

A refuge from the storms and a sacred juncture to renew and reset for your holistic wellness journey!

See yourself here in the peaceful and energetic landscape of the red rocks!

Starts at $4,000. Partner pricing available. Private rooms additional.

Price includes room, food, and all activities! A high-value experience that is priceless! 

What you desire is about to happen...

A haven created just for you! Come receive and restore so you can BE more.
THIS DAY… one day at a time for your most rewarding life.

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