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If you are MAXED OUT maybe it’s time to unleash yourself from things that are not working. Discover the potential of life working FOR you; not against you.

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Because Fitness is not about a gym, it’s the Functional, Intentional and Time tellable story of strength, length and flow in your “every day.” Movement that moves you from where you are to where you want to go. 

Our Movements

Daily exercises for energy and ease in life. A 6 day plan and demonstration of 6-8 exercises which can be done individually or as a repeated series. Designed for all levels of fitness with layers of progression to meet you where you are. 

Our Methods

Daily lifestyle hacks which include self care routines, sleep habits, beauty and health tips and tools in the kitchen. 

Our Mindsets

Daily guided meditations anchored to a mindset that equips you with methods to reflect and reset throughout the stresses of the day. You will awaken and align your mind, body, and spirit to help you feel grounded and connected to the holistic and healthy you!


The journey of becoming who we are in the messy middle of being a family. Movements that energize and strengthen, methods that create healthy habits for everyone, mindsets that help you reflectively respond rather than react. 

Our Movements

All the best of pilates, yoga, and strength for functional movements that strengthen you for the daily jobs at hand. Feel good about your body in your body everyday. 

Our Methods

Daily lifestyle hacks for implementing lifestyle habits that produce consistent results in everything you do.


Our Mindsets

Daily guided meditations walk you through a mindful sensory experience of  B.L.E.S.S. |  I.T.- Breathe, Listen, Experience, See, Speak, Intention, Take action


Movement inspired by Worship, Mindsets aligned with the Word of God, and Methods anchored to Wellness that pleases God. 

Our Movements

Connect your fitness, faith and freedom in Christ with the most beautiful form of worship and wellness. Every movement series is intentionally designed to awaken the mind, body and spirit for worship in spirit and truth.

Our Methods

Simple and successful systems for memorizing the word, journaling, praying, and worship that grows your authentic faith and powerfully connects you to your creator.

Our Mindsets

Align your mind, body and purpose God has given you by knowing the names of God, the application of his word and the promptings of his spirit through guided meditations and journaling.

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