“Did you plan on having 6 kids” is the question i get all the time, usually followed up with and 

“Did you figure out what causes that yet?”

The answer is honestly, “NO” to both.

Focus on your Principles & Priorities

Organizing their priorities

“Did you plan on having 6 kids” is the question i get all the time, usually followed up with and 

“Did you figure out what causes that yet?”

The answer is honestly, “NO” to both. 

I am an only child and though I loved the thought of having a big family growing up I never really thought I would birth 6 humans, and at that love every minute of the process.  I discovered I really was addicted to not necessarily what caused it, but the process of the bringing life to earth. It was not about “figuring out” what caused it; it was more like embracing the timing when you think you are in control and you realize you are not.  The “timing method” was what we did not figure out and in fact we resorted to the reality that we are both very fertile and God had a purpose and plan beyond our “timing.”  The “principle” that we would not prevent anything from happening with our earthly methods but surrender to being a vessel of His timing allowed us to continually reset our focus from what we thought life would look like and what He wanted our life to look like.  We based our life on His principles and priorities of kingdom purpose. We didn’t plan it as it happened yet we could not imagine life more fulfilling as he opened my womb to be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth with Mercer men and women who would grow up living and learning about the good life following Principles & Priorities of Kingdom Purpose.  

When life happens much differently than we “planned” we can lose sight of our focus, miss the focus, and even be challenged to re-define our focus.  

Benefits of Focus Based on Principles & Priorities

  1. Clarity- Filter for decisions- To have focus you must know what your principles are.  What you are willing to stand on and stand for when the pressure comes and questions demand an answer.
  2. Flow state- Happens when we move from indecision to focus.  Experiencing feelings of satisfaction and success increases levels of productivity and productivity based on flow creates FORCE.   Flow over time creates habits for a lifestyle of principles, priorities, plans and purpose.  

“Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day while failure is simply a few errors in judgement repeated every day” – Jim Rohn.    

  1. Produces Wealth- You will always find what you look for and the dog that grows is the one you feed.  

Repeated laser focus builds a foundation that creates wealth in every area of our life; relationships, health, and career.  

3 ways to find your focus for 2021

  1. Accuracy, precision and concentration-
  2. Define and Align- saying Yes and No- the greater yes comes from the better No.  

You are not in control of the ocean but you are in command of your ship. – Kelsey Mercer 

  1. Schedules/ systems- Not enough to prioritize your schedule you must schedule your priorities (Stephen Covey)  

3 ways to lose your focus in 2021

  1. Distraction  – multitasking, doing too many good things will keep you from doing the next BEST thing.
  2. Drift- the past of least resistance.  A small drift will change your entire course of life over a lifetime.  
  3. Disease- When you have “dis- ease” there is a loss of ease


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